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Kunama 1956

Parents & Citizens Association

The Monaro High School P. & C. was established early in 1955, the first steps being taken by Mr. C. T. Wheeler, who had been appointed by the Cooma Intermediate High P. & C. to meet the incoming Headmaster for this purpose, and by Mr. Laughlin.

The Association's first year saw the establishment of its popular form of general meeting, including open discussion of the Head Master's report and usually a stimulating discussion led by a guest speaker. At Mr. Laughlin's suggestion, moneyraising activities were restricted to fields which would not interfere with school work or with the development of high academic standards.

This year the P. & C. Association had three major objectives: to build up the stock of text-books, to finance the purchase of a broadcast receiver and public address system, and to develop the grounds. A sum of over £600, raised already during the year, was sufficient to cover the costs of all three objectives, which are now well up to programme. The organisers of the various stalls are to he congratulated on the success of the school fete held on 22nd September; over £200 was raised, with a minimum dislocation of school activities.

The aims of a P. & C. Association, however, should not be restricted solely to the provision of facilities not provided by the Education Department, but should extend to the development of parent-teacher harmony, and the guidance of parents in the selection of courses for their children within the facilities of the school. The most important work of the association is conducted over a cup of tea at the monthly meetings, in the discussion of the Headmaster's report, and in the ideas which flow from the topic discussed by the guest speaker. The attendance is seldom less than fifty parents and teachers, a fairly good record for a school of this size. I judge the success of the Association by the fact that these numbers are increasing. All parents and teachers are invited to attend these meetings; they will find them less boring than they had, perhaps, anticipated, and will see a harmonious group working for the good of the school.


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