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Kunama 1956

Interchange of Visits with Murwillumbah High

As a result of plans worked out by the respective headmasters, children of Murwillumbah and Monaro High. schools exchanged visits, Murwillumbah pupils coming to Cooma in the May vacation and Monaro returning the visit in the August vacation. Such visits have obvious educational value, and were not undertaken merely as sporting and social visits, though these activities naturally formed part of each programme.

The success of the plan was such that, while no definite plans have yet been completed, it seems certain that similar visits will take place in future years, though perhaps not annually.

Pupils who travelled from this school to Murwillumbah owe a great deal to the many people who made the trip possible, not only to the headmasters and teachers who organized it, but to many others in both towns and in Sydney.

Amongst these are Mr. Seiffert, who organized a particularly instructive and entertaining day in Sydney, the various members of the railways staff who did everything possible to ensure a smooth journey, people of Murwillumbah who arranged outings and excursions, and those who billeted our children. Similarly both schools would like to express their gratitude to the Snowy Mountains Authority and to all those who made it possible for the youngsters from the Tweed to see so much of this district. Mr. Litchfield of "Hazeldean" gave the visitors a day on his property which taught them a great deal about the differences in land use in their district and ours.

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