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Kunama 1956


Throughout the school, from First Year to Fifth Year, Debating has proved to be an interesting and stimulating activity; and spirited contests have been adjudicated in Class and Inter-House competitions.

In the Inter-School contests with Bega High School, in April this year, Monaro High School affirmed "that the influence of the modern newspaper is pernicious", but the opposition was too strong. However, in the return contest in July, as the opposition denying "that our system of education has failed", Monaro High School team was judged by a panel of three adjudicators to be the winner. Our teams on these important occasions were chosen from our senior girl students: Peggy Head, Leonie Beavan, Beverley King, Barbara Payne and Margaret Lang.

Competition between the senior teams of the four Houses provided experience not only in debating but also in the art of conducting a meeting and in the responsible business of adjudicating. The chairman, timekeeper and adjudicator on each occasion were chosen from members of neutral Houses, and all responded commendably to the demands made upon them. Topics debated ranged over a wide field from assertions such as "that woman's place is in the home" to the more serious more provocative "that the Australian aborigine should be given full citizenship rights".

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