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Kunama 1956

Sports Report

Sport in the school curriculum is something more than a Wednesday afternoon of amusement and enjoyment. Pessimists might justifiably denounce that it is even an enjoyment if they saw writhing bodies sprawled along the finishing line after the cross country run, basketballers squatting on the field to escape the dust and wind of our winter, softballers drenched with a sudden shower, and ambulance rushing footballer, dislocated noses and fingers to the surgery.

Even so, from sport many important benefits are derived, by those participating. Pupils have the opportunity of learning how to play a variety of games so that when leaving school they may participate in the sport of the community. Leaders are trained, and all learn to subordinate their individuality for the benefit of the team. While participating, all pupils have greater opportunities of mixing socially with others.

Besides ordinary weekly sport, inter-school competitions are also conducted. Monaro High School has widened its inter-school visits this year, as this year, an athletics team competed by invitation in the A.C.T. Athletics Carnival. Local clubs have also sponsored cricket, football and basketball teams in town competitions. It is to be hoped that swimming may soon become another sport available.

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