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Kunama 1956

Bega Visit 1956


This year has shown Monaro High's sporting results to be "in the ascendant". Against Bega High School, Monaro narrowly won the summer series, and went on to win the winter series comfortably, thus winning the Dickerson Cup for 1956.

In cricket, Colin Andrews, John Andean and Ray Steiner were the outstanding players. The athletics saw good wins by John Andean, Doug McGufficke, and the relay team. A very close football game resulted in a win for Monaro by 8 points to 5. Colin Andrews and David Hain were the best players for the home side.


Debating: The debate was held at the school, following the wel. come extended to the visitors. The topic was "The influence of the modern newspaper is pernicious". Monaro was the government. and after a closely fought contest, Bega won by 86 points to 85.
Athletics: The athletica resulted in a win for Monaro.
- Boys' 220 yards: J. Andean (M) 1, A. Wallace (B) 2, R. Bruce (B) 3. 25.2 secs.
- Boys' 880 yards: D. McGufficke (M) 1, C. Andrews (M) 2, R. Worthy (B) 3. 2 min. 18.2 secs.
- Boys' Relay (circular 440 yards): Monaro 1, Bega 2. 50.6 secs.
Tennis: The tennis followed the athletics at the school courts. The Bega players were more consistent and forceful throughout, winning six sets to nil.
Cricket: In the "B" grade match, Monaro won the toss and sent Bega in to bat first. Bega scored 64 (Townsend 17, Overond 16). For Monaro, Butler took 5 for 22, Vasarhelyi 1 for 16, Kirkpatrick 2 for 22. The Monaro team scored 55 (O'Neill 10, Caldwell 10, Demmler 13).
The "A" grade cricket was the last contest of the day, and was fought with tenseness as the result of the summer series depended upon it. Splendid bowling by Worley and Steiner, and the wicketkeeping of Andrews enabled Monaro to clinch victory.
Monaro first innings 9 wkts. for 77 (Andean 14, Worley 10, Smith 11)-Bega first innings 46 (Steiner 6-24, Worley 3-9).

RESULTS WINTER SERIES at Cooma 26-27 July:

Debating: The debate was held at the Snowy Reueation Hall. The subject was "Our educational system has failed". Monaro was the opposition, and finally ran out winners by 81 points to 71.
Athletics: Monaro had a good win in the athletics, in which three records were broken. D. McGufficke set new records in the 440 and the broad jump, and J. Andean set a new record for the 100 yards.
- Boys' 100 yards: J. Andean (M) 1, R. Morton (M), C. Andrews (M) 2. 11 secs. (record).
- Boys' 440 yards: D. McGufficke (M) 1, R. Chalker (M) 2, B. Mackay (B) 3. 59 secs. (record).
- Boys' Relay (shuttle 4 x 100 yards): Monaro, 1, Bega 2. 47 secs.
- High jump: R. Gauld (B), R. Bruce (B) 1, A. Stolz (M) 3. 5' 0.1".
- Broad jump: D. McGufficke (M) 1, R. Bruce (B) 2, M. Hader (M) 3. 19' 4" (record).
Football: The football match was very close, and hard-fought throughout. Bega took an early lead, but after some fine movements, Monaro levelled the scores and finally won by 8 points to 5.
- Scorers for Bega: Binstadt a try; Wallace a penalty goal.
- Scorers for Monaro: R. Chalker a try; Andrews a try, and a penalty goal.
Softball: The softball match resulted in a fine win for the Monaro team, by 32 runs to 12. Their fielding and batting generally were sound. Home runs were scored by D. McGufficke (2), R. Steiner (1), A. Stolz (1).


The girls had good successes on the sports field against Bega High School this year.
The feature of the softball matches was the consistent pitching by Peggy Head in the "A" grade, and Julie Malcolm in the "B" grade.
Barbara Payne was the most successful athlete, winning the high jump, and running second in the 100 yards.
The hockey match was a hard fought draw, and the Monaro basketball team combined well to win 18-6.

RESULTS SUMMER SERIES at Bega 12-13 April:

Athletics: Girls' 100 yards: B. Tapper (B) 1, B. Payne (M) 2, P. Gibbs (M) 3. 12.5 secs.
- Girls' High jump: B. Payne (M) 1, J. Ratcliffe (B) 2, B. King (M) 3. 4' 5 1/2".
- Girls' Relay (circular 440 yards): Bega 1, Monaro 2. 57 secs.
Softball: In the "B" grade, Monaro Proved too strong for the home team and ran out winners by 25 runs to 9. Margaret Lang, Julie Malcolm and Judith Ellis were the best players for Monaro.
The "A" grade was a hard fought and closely contested match, Monaro defeating Bega by 5 runs to 2. June Mulloch of Bega took brilliant catches in the outfield, whilst Peggy Head's good pitching kept the Bega score to a minimum.

RESULTS WINTER SERIES at Cooma 26-27 July:

Hockey: In the hockey match, held at the Snowy Oval, the home team ran to an early 2-0 lead. The Bega team fought back well, and it was any one's game right until the final whistle. Final scores were Bega 3; Monaro 3.
Basketball: Although Monaro won the match 18 to 6 the game was much closer than the scores indicate and saw some very good play by both teams.

Representatives at Bega

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