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Kunama 1956

A.C.T. Annual Athletic Carnival

Gladly accepting an invitation from the A.C.T. Secondary Schools' Sports Association, a team from Monaro High went to Canberra early in October to participate in the annual combined athletic carnival. The school did not expect to gain trophies and high point scores, but those who went acquitted themselves very well indeed against very keen competition. More important, they behaved like sportsmen and sportswomen and their appearance and general behaviour was favourably commented upon by many of the teachers of other schools.

Those who went to Canberra had an excellent day's sport and plans are already being made for next year's trip as the A.C.T. Association has kindly renewed its invitation. The opportunity to compete against picked athletes from much bigger schools than ours is a valuable one, and the school extends sincere thanks to the Association.

While we gained no first places, very creditable performances were put up by the following, who all appeared among the place-getters in various events: John Andean, Bob Worley, Col. Andrews, Robin Chalker, Toivo Alias, Peter Mackay, Arthur Stolz, Sue Hine, AnneMarie Wheeler.

An indication of the value of competing in such sports may be found in John Andean's time
of about 10.3 for the 100 yards, a much better time than he has recorded in the school carnivals.

The Canberra Team

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