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Kunama 1956

New Zealand

New Zealand is a lovely country of rolling hills, green plains and rugged mountains. Its hills have beautiful natural grasses which are so rich that in many areas the land can carry four sheep to the acre. The paddecks are surrounded by hedges and by such trees as maple, birch and ash.

There are three main islands, the North Island, the South Island and Stewart Island, the three of them covering about '1000 miles in length. Stewart Island is very small, being only about thirty by forty miles, and is noted for its oysters, which are sent not only to the other two islands, but even to other countries.

The main mountains are in the South Island, and include Mount Cook which is well over 12,000 feet high. In these mountains are tremendous glaciers, which often break into huge blocks of ice, some of them over a hundred feet high. In the South Island are many lakes and sounds, Milford Sound, set between high mountains, being one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Practically in the centre of the North Island is the Rotorua district, which is a very popular tourist resort, because of its geysers and boiling mud. They remind us that much of New Zealand is volcanic, and there have been severe earthquakes there.


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