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Kunama 1956


An ominous shadow on the wall showed a man, his right hand raised. In it was the lethal weapon with which he intended to kill his victim the dirty rat who had been taunting him, but until this moment had avoided him. And now ... !

In the dim light, he stealthily crept up to his victim. His eyes narrowed to slits, and a savage smile passed over his drawn, tense, but gloating face.

The hand descended and the murderer uttered a vehement curse as his head came into violent contact with the table. He raised himself, rage showing on his bloodstained face. His cold, blue eyes hardened in a savage, murderous glare.

As his hand descended again, the light flickered and went out, leaving the murderer in the darkened room, alone with his gory victim.

He looked cautiously about, then struck a match and knelt by the body. A satisfied smirk passed over his face as he looked with satisfaction at the lifeless body.

"A good night's work!" he thought.

He walked quickly towards the door, glanced warily round, then picked up the body and moved towards the river. He reached the bank and unceremoniously pitched his ghastly burden into the swirling waters, shouting one last taunt: `That rat has visited my pantry for the last time!"


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