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Kunama 1956

Descriptive of a Cold Night

Now the evening shadows lengthen and finally merge into one complete shadow of night. Now business-men and women, clothed in winter coats, hurry home from their respective jobs, while the last twittering of a bird fade.; into an empty stillness. Now the dark hush of cold night descends upon the world.

Now that mischievous sprite, Jack Frost, commences his nightly winter task of painting windows, gardens, grass and fences with crystalclear frost. Now, his work for the night finished, Jack Frost retires to his icy home, to sleep the clock round twice.

Now people in their homes draw their chairs closer and closer to the fire, and begin the nightly process of toasting their bodies to a warm, pink flush. Now theatregoers, and men returning to their offices to finish work, long for the summer days which are still far in the future, as their toes. feet, and eventually their legs become numb from the cold of the evening.

Now father in his armchair gently drops off to sleep, and mother, her eye-lids becoming very heavy, puts away her sewing and goes to prepare the supper. Now the children, who have been abed for several hours, stir in their sleep. and again drift back to dreamland.

Now theatre-goers and business-men, returning to their homes, curse Jack Frost and wish him elsewhere. Now men and women drink steaming cups of coffee, and gaze into the flames of their fires. New dogs in kennels bark at a passing cat, then return to their one-eyed sleep.

Now all the creatures of the earth sleep and forget the cold, while Jack Frost, in his home of ice and snow, happily dreams of the joy that will be his on the next cold winter night.


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