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Kunama 1956

A Day in the Future

It was a morning in January, 2000 A.D. I woke up, yawned several times, and sat up, rubbing my eyes, then slowly got out of bed and went to the bathroom where I had a special cosmic ray bath. Then I slipped into my plastic, one-piece suit and sat down to breakfast.

My personal robot brought me my box of assorted breakfast pills, and after a moment's hesitation I chose my favourite cereal, "Nuclear Pops", with bacon and eggs for the second course. Breakfast didn't take long as all the food consisted of tablets which were quickly swallowed.

After my nourishing breakfast I went to the front door, pressed a button, and watched my jet-copter drop silently down to the doorstep. I jumped in quickly and zoomed away to the laboratory where I worked. My job was to build a fleet of transport ships to be used on a trio to Mars, where one of our colonies was based.

I slowly passed the day inspecting the synthetic plutonium which was the metal used for constructing our ships, and examining the plans for the new atomic engines which would run for years without recharging.

Then the time came to go home, and having made another fast trip in my 'copter I sat down to tea. It had been a tiring day, so I gave myself a treat and had a heavy meal of three roast beef and vegetable pills before going to bed.


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