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Kunama 1956

An Embarrassing Moment

I watched the dim figure slink off into the trees. He had, indeed, been behaving very queerly. He had what looked like a shovel, and had been digging for about an hour under one of the very old oaks in the orchard. Most mysterious!

It was still warm, although it was about six o'clock in the evening, so I left my coat and silently ran after him. He got into a truck, which I hadn't previously noticed, and which had many shrubby-looking things in the back. He started the truck.

"Now I'm stumped!" I thought. "How can I possibly run after a truck?" But I saw that it stopped a few yards further on. The man got out and locked at the front left tyre.

I seized the chance and ran up behind the truck. It was quite dark now and hard to see even the front of the truck from where I was.

The man turned. Horrors! I was discovered. I had heard stories of criminals knifing or shooting people if they were discovered in the act. But - he smiled, and said, "What's the matter, girlie?"

"Oh," I said - how could I explain it? - "I wondered whatever you were doing."

" You silly kid," he said kindly," the Municipal Council sent me to dig up that old oak and a few others, bemuse they might he blown down in a storm."

Of course I was very ashamed, and ran off home to tea.


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