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Kunama 1956

The Hardest Job I Have Ever Done

The hardest job I have ever done was looking after my young sister when my mother had gone out for the day.

I pushed my sister outside, and cold her sternly not to run away as I had to cook the dinner and would not be able to run after her. Soon, though, I noticed that it was very quiet outside, and as this was unusual for my sister, I decided to go and look for her,, but I looked in vain, as she had disappeared.

As I turned slowly back to the house, I noticed smoke starting to pour out of the windows. Opening the back door, I breathed deeply and dived in. What was left of my eggs wasn't worth mentioning. "There goes two and sixpence," I thought ruefully.

Going to the bathroom to wash my hands, I heard a noise coming from the bedroom. My first thought was burglars, so I tip-toed back to the kitchen and cook hold of the rolling-pin. My heart was beating madly as I opened the bedroom door. Then I gasped at the scene before me.

Little sister was sitting in the middle of the room and was just in the act of pouring a box of powder over her head. Vivid lipstick covered her face and the surrounding walls. A bottle of perfume made the whole room smell. Sister turned round with a satisfied look.

"Me like Mummy now", she said happily.

"I'll mummy you." I replied as I dumped her in the bath. It was then that my mother returned. 'What a day!" I said.


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