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Kunama 1957

Examination Results 1956

C. Andrews 1B 5A 6A 9B 11A -
L. Beavan 1B 3A 5A 9A 11H(2) -
J. Bertaux 1B 3H(1)(o) 7B 9A 17B -
T. Chalker 1B 3B 5B 6B 9A 11A
P. Head 1B 9B 17A 20B - -
D. Hine 1B 3B(o) 5B 6B 9A 11A
B. King 1B 3B 5A 6B 9B 11B
M. Lang 1A 3B 5B 6B 9B 11B
J. Lee 1B 9B 17B 20A - -
B. Payne 1B 3A(o) 4A(o) 5B 6B 13B
R. Rimka 1B 9B 17B 20B 21B -
R. Smith 7B 11B 17B 24B - -
G. Smythe 1B 5B 6B 9A 11A -
A. Tribbick 5B 6B 9A 11B - -
J. Vasarhelyi 1A 5A 6B 9B 11H(2) 35B
R. Worley 1B 5B 6B 9B 11A -

Key to subjects:
1 English; 3 French; 4 German; 5 Maths I; 6 Maths II; 7 General Maths.;
9 Modern History; 11 Combined Physics and Chemistry;
13 Chemistry; 17 Geography; 20 Art; 21 Needlework; 24 Agriculture;
35 Technical Drawing

H(1) denotes 1st Class Honours; H(2) denotes 2nd Class Honours;
A denotes 1st Class Pass; B denotes 2nd Class Pass;
(o) denotes that the examinee has passed in an oral test in the language

D. Andean P. Barnes A. Bazeos
N. Bond J. Campbell R. Chalker
G. Chapman W. Clarson J. Cottam
J. Ellis D. English I. Feilen
M. Ferguson T. Geach M. Hader
F. Hickling D. Hobson R. Hoerner
W. Hughes F. Lang M. Lents
I. McGufficke J. Malcolm P. Morris
S. Patterson C. Pavy J. Pavy
E. Psenneer M. Robinson B. Scanes
E. Sharp R. Shaw M. Sheil
W. Smith R. Stansfield A. Stolz
R. Zylstra - -

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