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Kunama 1957

Headmasters Message

Mr N. Laughlin

The first "Festival of the Snows" is over and I believe that you will agree that it was most successful, firstly from the point of view of raising money to bring about much-needed improvement in the sporting facilities of Cooma, and secondly as a means of bringing together the people of this community in a "self-help" effort. The Festival Committee, elected at a public meeting, consisted of representatives from a wide range of organisations in the district, and these people must have devoted much of their own time to make the project the success that it was.

To pupils of this school I commend active participation in community affairs. There are many organisations in need of willing workers to keep them alive and to carry out the good work that they hope to do. There are many avenues into which your energy can be directed to improve your community, and some of you have different interests from others, so that you will naturally gravitate towards different organisations, but let it be your aim to be a keenly active member of at least one body which renders service to the community.

Despite Cooma's success with its Festival, I venture to say that too much work had to be done by a small group of community-minded people, the group which has always to do more than its fair share. As a result of your training at school, and the experiences you will gain immediately after leaving school, you should be capable of performing the duties of secretaries and committee members of sporting, social and other clubs. As you grow older your interests will change, and you may be concerned with the activities of church organisations, trade unions, professional associations or local government. By actively participating in the work of some of these bodies you can play an important part in bringing progress and happiness to the community in which you live. When everybody is prepared to do his share of this type of work with enthusiasm and to the best of his ability, all the people of the community wilt lead lives of achievement, with reasonable lime for leisure and full opportunities forfull and happy lives.

For this reason I urge you to, be an active member of the various school organisations and clubs, so giving yourself experience and confidence in discussing and solving problems, and gaining knowledge of correct procedure in the conduct of meetings. You will not only find more interest in, your school life, but will be preparing yourself so that you will be able to take your place as a useful member of your community.

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