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Kunama 1957

Library Report

We are still awaiting the new Library building, but hopes are high that it will be ready next year. If so, the problem of using the library as a classroom will largely be solved.

Early this year we were fortunate to receive a visit from Miss Fardell of the School Library Service who gave valuable advice on cataloguing and classifying books. On her suggestion, a new catalogue system is in the process of being compiled. From now on there will be three card indexes: a Shelf-List for non-fiction following the order of the Dewey numbers; an Author List for fiction which will serve the purpose of a shelf list; and a Dictionary Catalogue to take the place of the old subject catalogue, to include titles of all fiction books.

Owing to a welcome grant of £150 from the P. & C. Association, over one hundred fiction and eighty non-fiction books have been added to the shelves, while booksellers still have orders for fifty more. New nonfiction books include "Australian Picture Handymen", "Oxford Companion to Music", "The World since 1919" and "The Story of Art". Collections of modern plays, and Australian novels by Eleanor Dark, Ion Idriess, and Ruth Park have been added to supplement books already in these sections.

Amongst the new fiction, most popular books have been those in the careers series such as "Sue Barton, Student Nurse", "Clare in Television and "Tim Baker: Motor Mechanic" or historical novels such as "Knight Crusader", "The Vagabond Treasure" and "The, Gentle Falcon". Other favourite authors are also represented: Mary O'Hara, W. E. Johns, Richmal Crompton and so on.

The total number of books now in the library is 1320, comprising 850 Non-fiction and 470 Fiction books.

The Library Committee, consisting of Rosalind Cole, Neal Benneworth, Geoffrey Littler (before his departure), Anne Parkinson, Dee Anna Steiner, Judith Parris and Joan Andean, has carried out its duties faithfully and creditably. To them go the thanks of the Librarian and borrowers, for the smooth running of the library.

MR. D. THOMPSON, Librarian

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