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Kunama 1957


There are many people and organisations to whom the school owes a debt of gratitude for services during the past twelve months. Among those to whom we would like to say "Thank you", are:

* Mr. Seiffert for his ever-ready help at all times.

* The Snowy Mountains Authority. for all their assistance, and for their generosity in allowing up the use of grounds and halls.

* Mr. Hain and the Cooma Municipal Council for gifts and the use of grounds.

* Station 2XL and the "Express" for the publicity and assistance they have always extended towards us.

* All donors of books, prizes and school equipment.

* The supervisors at public examinations.

* The ladies who have given so many hours of their time to working in the tuckshop.

* Group 19 and the football clubs for their encouragement and for their help with the carnival.

* The District Council of P & C's for their interest in education in general, and especially for their assistance with the float for the Festival of the Snows.

* Mrs. Schwetkoff for her assistance during the year.

* The members of the P. & C. for their unfailing support of the school and for the time and energy they have devoted to helping us.

* The Snowy Cricket Club for use of grounds during the year.

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