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Kunama 1957

Of General Interest

Once more the recommencement of school brought several changes in the staff. Of those who left us, Mr. Smythe was promoted to the post of English Master at Junee Intermediate High; Mr. Greer was transferred to Moree; Mr. McClure went to Wellington; Mr. Milgate to Goulburn; Miss Davis to Yass Intermediate High; Miss Nippress to Lithgow; and Mrs. Musil to Queanbeyan.

Those welcomed as newcomers were Mr. Gaut from Bingara Intermediate High; Mrs. Gaut from Armidale; Mr. Thompson from Grenfell Intermediate High; Miss Archer from Newcastle;, Miss Burmeister from Katoomba; Miss Schulz from Lithgow; Mrs. Porter from Sydney; Mr. Gilshenan from Newcastle; and Mr. Morley from Malaya.

At. the end of Second Term Mr. Gilshenan was transferred to Bankstown junior Technical High School and Mr. Sinclair came from there to replace him, Mrs. Porter took leave from the Department and was replaced by Mr. Weddell, who has been working' on commercial T.V. in Sydney. Mr. Weddell came from London in May.

Our congratulations go to Mr. Chapple and Miss Pryor, who recently announced their engagement. We also wish Mr. and Mrs. Hunt, married in January, all the best.

Those who did not go to Bega in July were fortunate enough to see a very good film show, which included several extremely interesting education films, and a display by the Indian dancers, which was much enjoyed all who saw it.

The new building spoken of in the last issue. of this magazine has not yet materialised. We're still hoping, tho' with rather more reason than last year.

All those who heard the most interesting 'talks given by several members of the Rotary Organisation on various careers, would like to thank them for their efforts to help up in the difficult task of choosing a career.

We must congratulate those who, in. the May holidays, presented "'Tobias and the Angel" at a Drama festival in the Elisabethan Theatre, Newtown. We were the only country school to attend, by the way. Mr. Sheil, as producer, did an excellent job and the play was praised by all who saw it.

As was noted in last year's magazine, the numbers at the school are steadily increasing. This year the enrolment has increased from 291 at the end of last year to an effective enrolment of 376.

To those who were elected prefects, house captains, class captains and, most especially to the school captains and vice-captains our congratulations. To those who will occupy those positions next year we offer our best wishes and hope they may set an example which future pupils will be proud to follow.

This year saw the inauguration of what we hope will be annual visits to Queanbeyan and Bombala. With the visits our teams made this year to Canberra, Bega, and Sydney the school is gaining contacts with other schools which can only prove valuable.

The Bega visits, as ever, were the social and sporting highlights of the school year. Although Monaro lost the Dickerson Cup the visits were enjoyed by both schools.

In October the school participated in the inaugural Festival of the Snows. On Saturday the 19th the School marched in the procession and gained many favourable comments for their smartness and precision.

The School was also represented on the float sponsored by the District Council of P & C's. Fortunately for the "Goddess of Learning" the day was warm.

During the Festival the school had the privilege of being among those who welcomed the new Governor of N.S.W., Lt. General Woodward.

Monaro High would probably have the most cosmopolitan student population in the state, if not Australia. On a last counting 29 countries were represented.


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