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Kunama 1957

School Drama Group

The School Drama Group has not been as active this year as in the previous year, owing to a fuller school programme in sports and other activities. The Annual Meeting of the Group was held on Thursday, 7th February, this year, when the office bearers were elected. The President and Vice-President were Fairley Lang and Julie Malcolm, the Secretary, Nola Bond, and the Treasurer, David Frost. Alderman Hain, Lady Hudson, and Mr. Brownlee were asked to be our patrons for the year. In addition to this Annual Meeting, regular weekly meetings were held on Tuesday afternoons when we had exercises in mime, movement, and voice production, as well as many play-readings of short one-act plays, and sometimes scenes from longer plays.

We were fortunate to be chosen the guest school for the High Schools' Drama Festival early this year. It was difficult to find a suitable play, but finally we decided to do Act H of "Tobias and the Angel" by James Bridie. It was equally hard to select the right person for the parts, but the final cast was

Tobias, Murray Shiel; The Angel, David Frost; Sara, Fairley Lang, Azorah, Valentine Baxter; Sherah, Doreen Hucklesby; Raguel, Tony Gay; Sam, Fred Rubly; Dancing Girls, Christine Hogan, Lyn Steiner, Heidi Natho, Carla Cristofoletti.

The play was produced by Mr. Shiel, and the dancing girls were under the able instruction of Mrs. Norris. All the staging and the costumes was made here by the producer and by our parents, and our efforts in this way were greatly appreciated in Sydney. On the whole, the presentation was a success. We received special commendation for the standard of speech, the dances and the production as a "first-rate team effort". All those in the cast realised how privileged they were to be able to perform in the Elizabethan Theatre where the Festival was held for the first time this year. They had a very enjoyable and educational time in Sydney, and the Group as a whole is looking forward to having another opportunity to do it again in the future.

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