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Kunama 1957

Staff versus Pupils

The pupils were again opposing the staff, but this time with right on their side. The occasions were the staff versus school sports and debating contests. Sorry to say, the pupils did not come out on the top. Quite the reverse in fact as out of five contests the pupils only won one, the basketball.

The first match of the year was the cricket, played in March on the Snowy Oval. Despite consistent and terrifying howling by Bud Steiner the staff won by five runs. Mr. Wilson's slow spinners, calculated with mathematical nicety, bewildered the opposition and this, combined with the finesse of Mr. Laughlin's batting decided the match in favour of the staff.

The football again went to the staff, much to the surprise of all spectators at the Nijong. Brilliant play by two imports from Cooma North also by Mr. Gilshennon enabled Mr. Gaut to score a try which was converted to give the staff a 5-0 win. We feel the school team was a bit too hesitant, especially in tackling, although advice was certainly not lacking from the spectators. David Hain and Martin Coles starred for the pupils.

The hockey match again went to the staff. The speed of Mrs. Packett and the skill of Mr. Packett and Mr. Lockley were too much for the 'W' team. Mr. Sheil in goal had little to do..

The only success was in the basketball, played according to girls' rules. Here the experience of the girls' team was obviously superior to that of the staff, who were forced into numerous errors.

In the debating the staff defeated a school team much to the pupils' dismay for we thought that at least we could win where talking was required. However, the experience must have been beneficial for the team shortly afterwards defeated Bega High at Bega.

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