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Kunama 1957

The James Harris Scholarship

This year we are fortunate in finding in the community a man sufficiently interested in education to work toward the endowment of a scholarship to enable pupils to continue their school career with a minimum of hardship.

The scholarships are to be awarded each year, one to the Convent High School and one to Monaro High.

The conditions applying to Monaro High School awards were determined by a Management Committee. These are as follows:

Value of Scholarship

Each scholarship shall be £50 per annum, to be paid in three instalments, £20 at the beginning of the first school term, and £15 at the beginning of each of the other two terms.

Conditions of the Award

(a) In general the scholarships will be awarded to students commencing their fourth year, but this condition may be varied to meet special cases.
(b) In determining awards the committee will consider: (i) the school work, attendance and attitude of the candidate; (ii) the financial condition of the candidate's parents.
(c) In any year where there is no student meeting the conditions laid down by the committee, the scholarship will not be awarded.
(d) If a scholarship holder fails to show satisfactory school attendance and progress, the award may be withdrawn by the committee.

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