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Kunama 1957


Bevan Smithers, Roger Morton
Ann Hogan, Mr. Gaut, Karen Bein

Keen interest has been shown in debating this year. There have been House and interclass debates to enliven the school year. We were surprised at the excellence of some of the speakers in the junior years and look to the future with renewed confidence.

The school debating team, Karen Bein, Anne Hogan, Roger Morton and Bevan Smithers, with the able assistance of Mr. Gaut, won both their contests against Bega. Probably Karen Bein proved to be the most outstanding member of the team, but as the group worked together so ably it is difficult to pick out one member. We look forward to seeing these people do well in their chosen sphere next year.

Inter-House debating provided much entertainment for the school, and we hope much in the way of good examples. In the senior division Lawson (Anne Hogan, David Hain and Roger Morton) defeated Gordon (Jutta Demmler, Bridget Kingdon and David Andean). Kendall (Jennifer Brownlee, Peter Moye and Karen Bein) defeated Paterson.

In the final Kendall defeated their more experienced opponents, Lawson, to win the title. The Junior division has not yet been decided.

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