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Kunama 1957

Vocational Guidance

Choosing an occupation is very different from accepting the first job offered, and to aid the prospective school-leavers in their choice, pupils over fourteen years of age are interviewed during the school year.

To aid the Careers Advisers tests, which show the aptitudes and abilities of the pupils, are given by the Department of Education and representatives of the Youth Welfare Section of the Department of Labour and Industry and Social Welfare. Considering the results of these tests, and the interests and educational backgrounds of the pupils, prospective leavers are advised on the vocations for which they are suited, and, if necessary the fields of tertiary education available to them.

An increasing number of pamphlets on various occupations is made available to pupils by the Department of Industry's Youth Welfare Section, and this year, lunch hour talks have been given to pupils on the retail trade, the medical profession, banking, road engineering and courses available at Canberra University College. These were given by Mr. L. Hain, Dr West, Mr. R. Colville, Mr. R. Spowart, and Professor Gibb and Mr. Seagrim respectively. It is hoped that with the aid of these various phases of vocational guidance available at the school, pupils. may enter a vocation suitable to himself and to the community as a whole.

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