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Kunama 1957

Parents' and Citizens' Association

"Money does not buy happiness, but With it one can be unhappy in comfort."

Whilst it could not be suggested that schooldays, particularly High School days are unhappy one's, there is an analogy to he drawn between the above quotation and the physical aspects of your school.

The real core of your school lies in its spirit and tradition, its academic and sporting record to which each pupil either adds a little or, spare the thought, detracts therefrom. However, the physical container in which all this takes place is represented by school buildings, playing fields, lawns and gardens.

The provision. of the basic needs in this regard is undertaken by the State Government but the refinements which add up to green lawns, trees, shrubs, gardens, adequate libraries and text books and so on must be provided from some other source.

This then is one of the important roles of the P & C - to find the money and arrange for its expenditure so that school pupils may be "unhappy" in comfort.

Parents and friends of the school have responded magnificently during the past year and principally by way of annual or monthly donations and support of the school fete have raise the splendid sum of £244. Out of these funds and those raised previously the P & C has been happy to provide the school with lawn areas, gravel driveway and parking area, a public address system, a duplicator, a typewriter, £150 towards library books, hose and sprays and the joy of all the boy pupils, a motor lawn mower.

Of course this is not all that your P & C does. Another most important function is continued vigilance and pressure to ensure that the School receives an adequate share of Government expenditure on buildings and other improvements. That your P & C is not satisfied with results in this direction is a healthy sign that it is wide awake and anxious to gain much needed improvements. The P & C's thanks go to State representative, Mr. Jack Seiffert for his able presentation of its claims and, as a result of continual pressure, the past year has seen the construction of much needed concrete assembly area and paths, whilst additional school buildings are shortly to be constructed.

And lastly but by no means least, P & C meetings provide an opportunity for parents and teachers to engage in friendly and informal discussions and to listen occasionally to talks by talented guest speakers. All of this has the common aim of providing conditions of harmony and understanding in which to develop our sons and daughters into intelligent and useful members of society.

Support of the P & C Association in the past has been inspiring and the continued regular attendance of parents, friends and teachers will do much to mould Monaro High into the school we all want it to be.

J. P. BEAVAN, President.

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