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Kunama 1957

Sportsmaster's Report

This year saw a widening of inter-school visits for the Monaro High School in the sporting field. As well as the main interschool visit. with Bega High School, an interschool series was commenced with Queanbeyan High School. As well as these visits the school played in many outside matches. The footballers entered in the Monaro Schoolboys and Group 19 Schoolboy Rugby League Football. Carnivals, hockey players had matches against Moonbah, girls' and boys' basketball teams participated in the local competitions, and an athletics team travelled to Canberra for the A.C.T. Annual Athletics Carnival.

The boys who played Basketball this year constructed a basketball court after the P & C had excavated the area. Credit is due to the boys for the work they did on the court, and the manner in which the teams have trained and acquitted themselves in the local competition.

The school conducted a learn-to-swim class for ten boys and. ten girls from the senior classes. Although the programme was cut short owing to a late start, many of the class had gained considerable confidence, and with some practice should swim this season. With the addition of a swimming pool to the sporting facilities in the town many more of the non-swimmers could be taught to swim.

The Monaro High School 7 stone 7lb. football team represented. Group 19 R.F.L. Carnival in Sydney, at the All Schools Carnival. However,. they were unfortunate in being eliminated in the second round.

To the members of staff who coached and spent much of their own time with teams, we would like to express our appreciation.


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