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Kunama 1957

Bega Visit 1957


This year witnessed Monaro High losing the Dickerson Cup to Bega High although Monaro was not disgraced by the effort of their teams. Against Bega High School, Monaro lost the summer series and narrowly won the winter series, losing the series by 100 points.

In cricket, John Andean, Ross Smith, Ray Steiner and Robin Chalker were the outstanding players. John Andean, Doug McGufficke and Artur Stolz put up good performances in the Athletics. Despite an unexpected loss in the football David Hain, Bob Worley, Ross Smith and Artur Stolz played well.


Debating: The Debate was held in the Snowy Hall, following a welcome to the visitors. The topic was "That the Federal System has failed". Monaro was the opposition and won a close debate by 681 to 65. Members of Cooma Rostrum Club acted as adjudicators.

Athletics: Again the athletics resulted in a win for Monaro.

220 yards: J. Andean (M) 1, B. Olney (B) 2, R. Bruce (B) 3. 25.2 secs.

880 yards: D. McGufficke (M) 1, I. Strazdins (M) 2, T. Smith (B) 3. 2 min. 19.8 secs.

Boys' Relay (4 x 110 yards) Circular: Monaro 1, Bega 2. A new record of 49 secs. was established.

Tennis: Again Bega defeated the Monaro team by six sets to nil. Bega's tennis team was more experienced and consistent than the Cooma team.

Cricket: "B" grade: Bega batted and made a total of 63 for nine wickets. Plevy, Warren, Bruce and Olney were the outstanding batsmen for Bega. Butler, Smithers and Hassall were the best bowlers for Monaro. Monaro batsmen made 104 with Butler and O'Neill batting well. Beresford took six wickets for 48 for Bega. Credit must be given to the captaincy of Peter Kirkpatrick.

Cricket: "A" grade: Bega won the toss and sent Monaro in to bat. Impatience was the downfall of the Cooma side and despite attempts by J. Andean, R. Maiden, and R. Chalker the team was dismissed for 53 runs. Bega's best bowler was T. Smith who took 7 for 17. Bega scored 77 runs - C. Binstad scored 22. Ray Steiner was the best bowler for Monaro with 6 for 19.


Debating: The debate was held in the library of the Bega High School. The topic was "That it is better to be a member of a large family than a small one" and Monaro was the Government. The debate was again a close one and Monaro won by 220 points to 217.

Athletics: Despite the very heavy track Monaro again triumphed.

Broadjump: T. Smith (B) 1, E. Legge (B) 18' 2" 2, D. McGufficke (M) 17' 8" 3.

High jump: A. Stolz (M) 5' 2 1/2" 1, R. Bruce (B) 5' W' 2, D. McGufficke and M. Coles (M) 4' 10 1/2" 3.

100 yards: J. Andean (M) 1, R. Chalker (M) 2, C. Binstad (B) 3. The time of 10.7 was a record.

Relay (4 x 100): Monaro 1, Bega 2. Time 45,2 secs.

The 440 and the circular relay could not be run because of the state of the track.

Boys' Basketball: This is the first time that Boys' Basketball has been included in the Dickerson Cup series. Monaro won convincingly by 50 to 18. The credit for this must go to Captain-Coach Ray Steiner, who. was also the outstanding player on the field. George Demmler and Frank Hickling also played well.

Football: Monaro were. attacked from the beginning and lost two points in a penalty. Despite the efforts of D. Hain. R. Smith and R. Worley the poor passing by the Monaro team led to their defeat. Bega 13 (Tries Townsend, Binstad, Legge; Binstad two goals) defeated Monaro 0.

The Bega Team
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Athletics: 100 yards:, J. Ratcliff (B) 1, J. Cochrane (B) 2, S. Hine (M) 3. 12.7 secs.

High jump: M. Robinson (B) 4' 6" (Record), 1, S. Hine (M) 4' 4" 2.

Relay (4 x 100): Bega 1, Monaro 2. 57.2 secs.

Softball "A" Grade: Bega fielded first and, after a very fast game, won 12 to 9. Sue Hine scored a home run for Monaro.
Softball "B" grade: Bega was far ahead in all parts of the game and won by 20 to 8. Betty Feilen scored a home run for Cooma.


Basketball: Both teams were evenly matched and the game was fast and interesting. Monaro, however, gained a lead in the first quarter and held it to win by 26 goals to 15. For Monaro the best players were N. Wallace, J. Ellis, and S. Stokes.

Hockey: Despite good work by J. Price and J. Cottam, the Bega team won three goals to nil. The game was of higher standard than usual and showed the effects of keen coaching.


"'A" Football:
Cooma M.H.S. 0, Bega 13 Lost
M.H.S. 10, Bega 2 Won
M.H.S. 16, Queanbeyan 5 Won
M.H.S. 0, Queanbeyan 24 Lost
M.H.S. 0, Staff 5 Lost
M.H.S. 3, Goulburn 0 Won
M.H.S. 0, Bowral 3 Lost

Monaro High v. Bombala
Bombala visited Monaro High School early this year. It was. the first of many and it was a highly successful visit, the results being a win for Monaro High. The junior school thoroughly. enjoyed the visit. Monaro returned to Bombala several weeks after Bombala visited Cooma. Monaro were once again the victors, but with a little more experience Bombala will give Monaro a battle.

Brigidine Convent v. Monaro High
Wednesday afternoon games were played between the two schools, the football and girls' basketball were closely contested matches, the games being evenly distributed. These games were enjoyed by everyone concerned and it is hoped that more will be arranged between the two schools. The Convent with a little more experience will give Monaro a spot of trouble.

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