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Kunama 1957

Queanbeyan-Monaro Inter-School Visit

JULY 5th, 1957

A visit of 55 pupils of the Queanbeyan High School on July 5th for a sports carnival saw Monaro. High School win most events.

A draw by the 6.7 football team was the only event the Cooma pupils failed to win outright.

"A" Grade Football
In the "A" grade match, Monaro High School was the first to score when Ross Smith kicked a neat penalty. John Andean on the wing made several good runs, scoring two good tries, one of which Smith converted. At first the Cooma players were slow in moving up on the Queanbeyan backs, but they remedied this fault and smothered most movements. The best player on the field was Cooma lock forward and Captain David Hain, who was continually on the ball and who was rewarded with two good tries. Another outstanding performance was given by Martin Coles of Cooma.

Queanbeyan rallied in the second half and winger Lopez beat off four tackles in a determined dash down the wing to score.

His try was converted but Cooma resumed its attacking play throwing the ball about well. Cooma left the field the victors by 16 to 5.

Monaro High School, 16 - J. Andean 2, D. Hain 2 tries, R. Smith 2 goals; Queanbeyan I.H.S. Lopez try.

6st. 7lb. Football
The two teams were evenly matched in weight but Cooma had the advantage as Queanbeyan had not played Rugby League before. In the first five minutes Cooma five-eighth Noel Bottom intercepted a pass fifteen yards from the Queanbeyan line and scored.

The game from then on concentrated on the Cooma line. Repeated attempts to score by Queanbeyan finished in a try which evened scores just as the final whistle blew. The score does not give a true indication of the game as Queanbeyan played good attacking football but their knowledge of the game was limited.

Boys' Basketball
The match resulted in a win to Monaro High School. The final score was 19 points to 9. This match involved the participation of two newly formed teams. Both teams showed surprisingly good form considering the brevity of their formation. The match was fast with much passing of ball. A great deal more practice in the throwing of the baskets is required by both teams, however, as many fine opportunities to score were missed due to faulty shooting.


The Cooma team scored a good win in the hockey, by 2 goals to nil. The attack was well led by Janelle Cottam, who scored the goals, and Betty Feilen. The backs were sound, but rash hitting predominated. The Queanbeyan forwards were very good, but could not just get going. The Cooma team will probably find the Queanbeyan team more difficult to beat on their home ground which has a truer surface.

Girls' Basketball
Both "A" and "B" grade matches played between Queanbeyan and Monaro High were fast and interesting to watch. The excellent teamwork combined with accurate goal throwing by Susan Stokes and Heidi Nahto brought the "A" grade score to 55 to 2 in favour of Monaro High School.

The "B" grade team was also successful, gaining 20 goals to 9.

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