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Kunama 1957

Group 19 Schoolboys' Rugby League
Football Carnival

7.7 division: Monaro met St. Josephs, Bombala in the final. Monaro had an easy win because the Bombala players were too small and inexperienced to offer stiff resistance. Monaro High School won 31-5.

8.7 division: Only Bega and Monaro High School teams entered this division, and met in the final. Tackling and passing movements were good in this game, but, except for a few brief spasms, it was never really fast. The fullbacks often engaged in kicking duels generally for the line. Monaro High's Ingram scored Monaro's only try. R. George converted the try and also kicked three penalty goals. With about a minute to go and the score at 11-9 in favour of Monaro High Bega's outside centre stepped through two bad tackles and went over to score the winning try. Bega won 12-11.

9.7 division: Both Monaro High School and Cooma Brigidine Convent had difficulty in fielding teams. The outstanding player on the field was George Bailey, the Convent centre. He avoided tackles to score near the post. The half time score was Convent 8, M.H.S. 0.
M.H.S. fullback Hickling scored a try and put M.H.S. back in the game. Full time was near, but the Convent were too tired to hang on as M.H.S. barged in to attack. Shortly afterwards Hickling went over again. Monaro High School won 11-8.
Scorers: F. Hickling 2, B. Morton 1, tries, D. McGregor goal for M.H.S. G. Bailey 2 tries, M. Neuss 1 goal for Convent.

Openweight Division: Monaro High School played Bega. Right from the kick-off Monaro attacked, but were met with very heavy and effective tackling.
Ross Smith kicked a penalty goal that put M.H.S. in front 2-0. It was impossible to favour either team, as play swung from one end of the field to the other. Every man on the field was playing as if his honour depended on it. Mid-way through the first half Slater evened the score with a penalty goal for Bega. The half-time score was 22.

Then Woods for M.H.S. got the ball, dodged a couple of tackles and dived into score the first try of the game. Smith missed the conversion. M.H.S. 5, Bega 2. M.H.S. won the ball from a scrum, and it was fed straight out along the back line, with the backs diving in towards the corner. What looked like a certain try was again thwarted by heavy tackling.

The Cooma captain, David Hain, employed barging tactics with particular success. Play was brought to within five yards of the Bega line, and the ball was suddenly sent back 20 yards to fullback Martin Coles. Coles took the ball on the 25, bent low and crash dived straight through the middle of the Bega team to score next to the posts. Smith converted.
Final score: M.H.S. won 10-2. Scorers: Monaro High School, M. Woods, M. Coles, tries, R. Smith, 2 goals; Bega High School, P. Slater, goal.

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