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Kunama 1957

Monaro-Queanbeyan Inter-School Visit

Cooma teams returned victorious in five contests, having drawn one and lost three.


"A" Grade Hockey
The whole Cooma team played well and by consistent teamwork, defeated Queanbeyan by 3 goals to 1.
For Cooma B. Feilen scored twice and J. Cottam once. Janelle Cottam led her side with great distinction.
Jan Price was one of the best for Cooma.

"B" Grade Hockey
Despite some good teamwork, the Monaro "B" grade lost their match 1 goal to nil. Colleen Harvey and Jan Pavy gave fine individual performances and Cooma was unlucky not to score on several occasions. Margaret Robinson captained the side capably.

"A" Grade Basketball
Cooma won this game comfortably, 11 goals to 6. Judith Ellis, the captain, played well and made the best use of several girls who were substituting for sick players. Sue Stokes scored 9 goals and Pam Hain 2.

"B' Grade Basketball
After a close contest, the Monaro team again were the victors by 9 goals to 7. With Margaret Ferguson as Captain, all the girls played a consistent game. Helen Satchell played in both "A" and "B" grades. As this team also had many new players, the girls' performance was most creditable. Marie Alias and Barbara Rixon were the goal scorers for Cooma.

This contest was drawn. The Monaro teams were Carol Robinson and Shirley Brayshaw, who won one set 6-3 and lost the other 3-6. The second combination, Maureen Wallace and Annelore Schwanke won 6-4 and lost 5-7. Results: 2 sets 20 games each.


The team won its match 12.4. All the boys played well and teamwork was outstanding. For Cooma, Rubly 4, Barnes 1, and Bazeos 1, scored goals.

Openweight division: In the openweight Rugby League match, Queanbeyan outplayed the lighter Monaro side and won the game 24-0. Only two of the pennant winning Cooma team were available and the teamwork was consequently disorganised.
Bob Worley led the side capably and was dropped inches off the line on many occasions. Manfred Hader was outstanding in defence, as was Frank Hickling who, with Fred Rubly, had already played in the basketball.
7.7 division: This team had more success, winning 9-3. Tries were scored by Frank Smith, Jim Price and John Bastardi.
6.7 division: This team, hard. hit by last minute withdrawals, battled on gamely to lose 0-3.

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