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Kunama 1957

Annual Athletics Carnival


The Monaro Tribes, Gordon, Lawson, Kendall and Paterson met again in this year of 1957 A.D. at the Sportsground, and although the weather had not agreed with us earlier in the week, we were greeted by beautiful sunshine and cloudless blue skies, helping us to create many new records and enabling us to present many close finishes. The carnival was organised by Mr. and Mrs. Packett and as time was too short to hold all the events on that same day, the broad jumps were held before, while the cross country run, in which there were some splendid performances by D. McGufficke and C. Conway was held after the Canberra visit.

The records created were:
Senior Boys' 100 yds.: R. Chalker, 11.2 secs. equalled.
15 Year Old Boys' 100 yds.: M. Coles, 11.4 secs.
14 Year Old Boys' 100 yds.: T. Alias, 11.9 secs.
Senior Girls' 100 yds.: J. Price, 14.4 secs. equalled.
Senior Boys' 220 yds.: J. Andean, 25.3 secs.
Senior Boys' 880 yds.: D. McGufficke, 2 m. 18 secs.
Intermediate Girls' Skipping: S. Hine, 10.3 secs.
Senior Boys' High Jump: A. Stolz, 5' 3 1/2".
Junior Boys' High Jump: G. Cole, 4' 5 1/2".
Senior Boys' Broad Jump: D. McGufficke, 20' 0 1/2".
Intermediate Boys' Broad Jump: F. Hickling, 18' 1".
Senior Boys' Relay: Lawson House, 47.5 secs.
Junior Boys' Relay: Kendall House, 53.0 secs.
Senior/Intermediate Girls' Tunnel Ball: Gordon House, 32.2 secs.


House Spirit Shield: Gordon.
Aggregate Shield: Gordon.
Senior House Cup: Gordon.
Intermediate House Cup: Lawson.
Junior House Cup: Kendall.
Senior Boys' Cup: D. McGufficke.
Senior Girls' Cup: J. Rose.
Intermediate Boys' Cup: M. Coles.
Intermediate Girls' Cup: S. Hine.
Junior Boys' Cup: G. Cole.
Junior Girls' Cup: M. Allas.

A. STOLZ, 29.10.1957

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