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Kunama 1957

Girls' Sport, 1957


Carol Robinson, Nola Wallace and Julie Malcolm were the girl representatives against Bega. Carol partnered Ross Smith in the mixed doubles which Bega won 6-4, 6-1. Nola and Julie were beaten in the Girls' Doubles 6-0, 6-1. Carol Robinson, Shirley Brayshaw, Maureen Wallace and Anneloe Schwanke played a 2 all draw against Queanbeyan.


The girls all played well as a team and had great success through. the year. The best players were Susan Stokes, Judith McAlpin, Carol Robinson, Judith Ellis and Nola Wallace.
Against the Convent: "A" 15-4 Monaro's favour; "B" 12-9 Monaro's favour; 1st Year 9-8 Convent's favour.
Against Bombala: "B" 12-8 Monaro's favour; "C" 23-3 Monaro's favour.
Against Queanbeyan at Cooma: "A" 55-2 Monaro's favour; "B" 19-9 Monaro's favour.
Against Queanbeyan at Queanbeyan: "A" 11-6 Monaro's favour; "B" 9-7 Monaro's favour.
Against Bega: "A" 3-0 Bega's favour.

The "A" grade have also done very well in the town competition. They reached the semi-finals where they were defeated 11-8 by the C.Y.C.


Many games were held - this season for both "A" and "B" grade teams. The best players for the "A" grade were Janelle Cottam and Betty Feilen, who made a good combination on the left side of the field, and Anne Hogan as centre half.
Against Moonbah "A": "A" 1-1 Draw; "A" 3-1 Monaro's favour; "A" 2-1 Moonbah's favour.
Against Bombala "B": "B" 4-0 Monaro's favour.
Against Queanbeyan at Cooma: "A" 2-0 Monaro's favour.
Against Queanbeyan at Queanbeyan: "A" 3-1 Monaro's favour; "B" 1-0 Queanbeyan's favour.
Against Bega: "A" 26-15 Monaro's favour.

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