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Kunama 1957

School Records

Having completed almost eleven years of school, I may now feel proud of my achievement. Over these eleven years I have travelled about 3,028 miles merely walking and cycling. But it has taken me 465 hours or 19 3/8 days to do so just imagine going to and from school for 465 hours. I have worn out five bicycle tyres, eight tubes, not to mention the bike, in achieving this.

During these eleven years I have either grown out of, or worn out two school blazers, six sweaters, fifteen shirts, eleven pairs of shoes, two school ties, nine pairs of trousers and umpteen handkerchiefs.

At school I have filled or almost filled 97 exercise books, used three fountains pens, eighteen nibs, eight rulers and countless pencils, not to mention the wearing out of several teachers. Water pistols deteriorate very quickly, but I, being better behaved than most, have only worn out two such instruments of delight.

A school bag, and two school cases have been replaced because of treatment by other members of the class. I have been given schooling in three different towns and have served detention in all three because all the bells seem to ring at the wrong time.

Over eleven years I have been to the headmaster's office only four times, to the deputy's office seven times and have been caned six (?) times.

In one science lab., over two years, I burned enough gas to cook sixteen sponge cakes. If you find some of these figures hard to believe, try a similar calculation for yourselves. You will be surprised.

D. HOBSON, 4th Year

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