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Kunama 1957

My Trip to Australia

The trip to Holland from my home town in Bavaria, Germany, was rather dull after the sad departure from all of my friends and the beautiful town I had so long lived in but all the excitement of the trip that lay ahead me made forget this.

From Holland we went to England, where we stayed in London for three days. These three days however were not as good as they could have been, because we didn't know any English. At breakfast we were confronted with a large menu which we could not understand. That was where I first tasted English food, which I thought was terrible, but soon got used to it because we were to have this for the next five weeks on the English ship that we were travelling on.

As soon as we entered the Mediterranean waters the ships two swimming-pools were put to good use. We passed through the Suez Canal in one day, which is so narrow that no two ocean liners can pass, and from here we saw the desert on both sides. At the end of the Suez Canal is Port Said where the ship stopped only for refuelling, but the natives came to the ship in small row-boats for trading. They were not permitted on board the ship and so they hauled the goods up to us in baskets. Next the ship anchored in Aden harbour in the night time but many of the passengers did not go ashore because Arabia is a very poor and dirty country and the peasants follow the tourists begging for money.

We had only one day in Colombo where we went sight seeing. Of course the guide showed us the better aspects of this country and took us to some interesting places. We visited one temple where we had to take off our shoes to enter. It was cool and very clean inside the temple and there were many statues and some "buddah's". To worship fully in this temple the natives left their shoes-which were cleaned in the meantime-on the steps leading to it, and kneeling down touch the ground with their hands.

A few days after leaving Colombo we had the traditional "crossing of the equator ceremony" where everyone got showered, followed by games and a fancy dress ball that night. There was dancing music every night for those who wanted it and there were also films.

Our next port was Perth which was not very impressive and then Adelaide where we had one day. We then had three days stop in Melbourne. And after such a long time of seeing nothing but ocean, the sunset and an occasional port we were very glad to see Sydney as something to call "home" again. Sydney was the most impressive of all of the Australian ports because of its beautiful harbour and natural surroundings.

On looking back at all those memories of ones home country, of which one is always proud, and the sad departure from your home town, I think it was definitely worth it.

E. PSENNER, 4th Year

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