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Kunama 1957

Shakespeare Applied to School Life

"A plague o'er your throat, you bawling blasphemous, incharitable dog". (The Tempest)
Teacher reprimanding pupil for bad language.

"Thou are inclined to sleep". (The Tempest)
English teacher to fourth year.

"Where but even- now, with strange and several noises of roaring, shrieking, howling jingling chains And mo diversity of sounds, all horrible". (The Tempest)
The School Choir.

"He took me by the wrist and held me hard". (Hamlet)
Account of Office interview.

"What, all so soon asleep?" (The Tempest)
Fifth year Maths period.

"Good sentences, and well pronounced". (The Merchant of Venice)
Our debating team.

"Today, today, unhappy day too late". (Richard II)
Day of examinations.

"Art thee alive? or is it fantasy that plays upon our eyesight". (Henry IV)
Pupil just come from the Office.

"Out of my sight, thou dost affect my eyes". (Richard II)
Fifth Year to First Year.

"I'll be reveng'd on the whole pack of you''. (Twelfth Night)
First Year shouting at Prefects.

"I'll go along with thee". (As You Like It)
After a school social.

"Here's six that must cake hand". (As You Like It)
Deputy Head to persistent offender.

"He can do strange things". (As You Like It)
A Fifth Year in the Chem. Lab.

"By'r lakin, I can go no further sir, my old bones ache". (The Tempest)
Cross Country race.

"Sit down and feed and welcome at our table". (As You Like It)
Fifth Year Farewell.


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