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Kunama 1957


The first thing to learn in fishing is to know what fish can be caught on the different baits and lures, and to know the best places to fish. You would never catch a perch on a fly in the middle of the day fishing a shallow rapid, but this would be an excellent place to try for a trout.

Trout fishing is a fine sport and it is growing rapidly in N.S.W., but to pay for the work done in stocking the streams, a licence fee must be paid. The licence limits the number of fish that can be caught in one day to ten in Cooma, and to five in the Burrinjuck Dam. Fish below a certain length must be thrown back, and there are regulations against setlines. All these laws are needed so that the streams will not be fished out.

Trout flies are sold in most sports stores and newsagents' shops. The best to use in this district are Coachman, Royal Coachman, or those with a lot of grey and a fair amount of fluff; small moth-like ones are also good. To use them you need a very flexible rod with a fine but strong tapered line and a tapered cast. These (and much practice) are needed to enable the fisherman to "lob" the fly on the spot where the trout is disturbing the water. If the trout does not bite immediately it is because you are using the wrong fly or he is suspicious of it; sometimes too. it means that he is a big one.

Some people like spinning lures. These are metal contrivances which rotate in the water and look like food to the fish. There are Devons, spoons, and many others, and the best places to use them are in ripples or swiftly running water; otherwise a spinning reel is necessary.

The best place to catch a good fish is in a deep hole with a ripple coming in at one end and with a back-water. If the hole has a steep mud bank and is fairly deep (about six to twelve feet), it is possible that, using a worm as bait, you may catch a perch. The best place to put the line out is so that it lands on the ripple and is washed into the backwater. Incidentally, it is best to take up a position as close as possible to the water, so that you are not silhouetted against the sky.


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