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Kunama 1957

The Battle for Supremacy

(With apologies to Banjo Paterson)

There was movement in the staff room
for the word had passed around
That the teachers had been challenged
by Grade "A".
The girls were tough and brawny;
a good team must he found,
So all the crocks had gathered to the fray.

All the tired and noted players from
the classrooms near and far
Had mustered at the sports for the fight.
For both teams loved good hockey
and they were on a pan
And the umpire snuffed the battle with delight...

So it started: Lockley got the ball
and past the girls he'd dart.
He tried all tricks the umpire would allow.
And the captain gave the orders,
"Kids, go at 'em from the start,
No use to linger `round the centre now.

And Morley, you must pass it;
try to pass it left and right,
Play boldly, lad, and never fear the spills.
For never yet was player
that could keep the ball in sight
If once it gains the hands of those young "fillies".

Then fast the Packetts followed,
where the pupils bruised and black
Lay wounded from the onslaught, on the ground.
And the Mentors woke the echoes
as they gave the ball a whack.
And Chapple was on it like a bound.

And forward ever forward,
skilful Gauts made their way
Towards their goal with Thompson close behind.
While the Old Boy muttered gladly
"We may bid the girls good-day,
Even Fairley must give way I think we'll find"'.

And down by the cemetery
where victorious teachers raise
Their battle-scarred opponents on high,
Where the cheers ring clear as crystals
and the staff are in a daze
At their great display which no one can deny

And in the grinders' staff room
where stiff teachers laugh and play,
All are happy and their faces beam with pride
For the battle for supremacy
is remembered every day,
And the vanquished children make up for it inside.


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