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Kunama 1957

Leaving England

I climbed wistfully on to the plane at London airport and lingering at the entrance I took one last look at dear old England which I would not see for a long time. Once aboard I obtained a window seat, where I could wave goodbye to all my friends.

I had just seated down comfortably when the pilot and his officers clambered aboard. After a while the engines came to life and the propellors began to whirl and we were on the move. The hostess came round with sweets to suck to stop our eyes "popping" as we gained height. Then the order came to fasten our safety belts. They were awkward clumsy thinks but I managed to fasten it without much trouble.

By this time we had gathered more speed and height and as (quite) I looked below I could see the sunlight streaming down on the houses, which from the air, looked just like little box's set on handkerchiefs.

The road I noticed winded in and out seemingly like a silvery ribbon to disappear far into the distance. Along the road of ribbon bees appeared to crawl, though in reality they were really swiftly moving cars beside the tree lined avenues, looking like green thread-walked people, just like ants. Here and there the washing was flapping lazily in the gentle breeze.

Suddenly a cloud floated by obscuring my line of vision and when it had passed we were in the land of clouds so fantastically beautiful as each one glided by so. serenely and as white as snow, looking in fact like pieces of cotton wool, all so differently coloured as the sun's rays passed through.

While looking on this scene my eyes slowly closed and I was dreaming of my last glimpse of wonderful, dear old England and, too of the future ahead in sun-filled Australia.


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