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Kunama 1957

Cabbages and Kings

Cabbages are vegetables, kings are humans - entirely different in form and sometimes in intelligence but with a subtle similarity. Both cabbages and kings are sometimes humorous to humans and sometimes take on a more serious nature.

For instance, cabbages are a food which is acceptable to some, if nor all, human stomachs, and therefore are cooked and eaten; Kings are a race of humans who cook their subjects until they are nice and tender make the people love them by being good to them - and then eat them, or in other words, take their lives and their money and squander them on wars, building palaces and so forth, or sometimes on more worthwhile objects.

The result of both these processes, cooking cabbages and cooking people may be bad. Although a cabbage may look good to the eyes of the beholder from the outside, unperceived there is a nest of worms in the heart. Thus the hungry human may have beautifully cooked cabbage, and worms which turn the stomach sick with horror and cause it to revolt against the unhappy worms - and the human. While in the case of kings, the people may revolt against the wretched king, causing the nation to become sick with horror.

Cabbages have outer leaves which are stripped off before cooking because they do not taste as good as the inner leaves. Kings may have bad habit leaves, just as we have, which must he stripped off before they can become good rulers. In some cases a king-to-be may have good habits which he decides to strip off before becoming a ruler.

From these deductions one finds it obvious that although different in some ways, cabbages and kings are the same in others.


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