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Kunama 1958

Headmaster's Message

At the beginning of 1955 Monaro High School had an enrolment of 225. The figure at the corresponding time in 1958 was 440 and it is expected that the number of pupils attending the school will increase at a rapid rate for some years to come.

During this period of rapid growth the emphasis has been on the acquisition of the material things essential to a modern secondary school such as classrooms, suitable furniture, electric light, telephone, radio, public address system, duplicator, woodworking and metalworking machines, textbooks, library books, sewing machines, sporting equipment, basketball courts, physical education equipment, the paving of the assembly area, the sowing of lawns and the planting of trees and many others.

Those of you who were here in 1955 and earlier years will be aware of the vastly improved conditions under which our work is done and will realise too that our enthusiastic Parents' and Citizens' Association and the Member for the Monaro Electorate, Mr. J. W. Seiffert, have done splendid work in acquainting the appropriate authorities with the needs of the school and pressing for action to fully equip it. The Parents and Citizens' Association has raised a great deal of money to supply many of the amenities now available to us.

Additional buildings and paving are planned by the Education Department for the present financial year and it is hoped that more land will be made available to allow for the development of tennis courts, and a sports oval.

It should be remembered, however, that buildings and equipment alone do not make a good school. The extent to which you, as an individual participate in all phases of school life, whether it be in the fields of studious endeavour, debating, sporting or social activities will determine whether or not Monaro High School is to be successful.

Only when you have developed to full capacity as an individual, willing to work to the best of your ability at any task you undertake, will the school be performing the work which it sets out to, do. Earnest cooperation between pupils and staff, between staff and parents and between the school and the rest of the community will help to achieve this ideal.

With the re-establishment of the School Union opportunity exists for all pupils to make suggestions for improvement, to discuss suggestions made by others and in this way to make a positive contribution to the welfare of the school. It is your school and what you do will decide its effectiveness and its reputation.

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