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Kunama 1958

The School Shop

The school shop this year has brought itself into quite a profitable position with several major commercial 'moves'.

The first of these 'moves' was the eviction of two members of staff, Messrs. Batey and Wilson. Priority of situation was taken by some eighteen dozen hot meat pies. The pies proved extremely popular and in no time they became a focal point of interest.

Following hard on the pie-boom has come the final piece of commercial innovation. I am referring here to the advent of space missiles in the form of "Space-niks, Spacebubbles" and the like. Being wholly composed almost wholly of Peters' ice-cream, and with summer fast approaching, this venture seems assured of success.

Before ending, I would like to extend a very sincere "thank-you" to those willing sandwich cutters who after all laid the real basis of success. Their efforts were much appreciated by all concerned, staff and children.

Last, but by no means least, I wish to express my gratitude to those girls who really "sold the goods". They did their job with the utmost efficiency and willingness to cooperate in a frequently difficult position.

By the end of the year the shop will have justified its existence to the extent of some £550 - a result of community effort and co-operation between staff, pupils and parents.


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