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Kunama 1958

Captain's Messages

David Andean and Julie Malcolm


It was with great pride and sense of responsibility that we took up our duties as school captains at the beginning of 1958 and we trust that we have proved worthy leaders of such a school.

This year has seen great expansion in the numbers and reputation of our school and with the co-operation of the staff, the prefects and not least the pupils we hope that we have helped in the growth of its prestige.

Although the school is still young, this year has seen success in both sporting and academic fields. We should like to congratulate those who have had such success and we will wait with anticipation for news of further achievements.


As school captains for 1958 it has been our privilege to watch, and help guide, the continued growth and progress of Monaro High School over the past twelve months. During this time we have watched, with great pride, the steady increase in school spirit from the solid basis laid down by our predecessors.

This growth has been aided by a number of things: many successes in both the scholastic and sporting fields; the example and encouragement of staff and headmaster, and by the pupils themselves. It is with this last group that some of the credit must lie. During this year the pupils of this school have become ever more conscious of their responsibilities as members of a High School such as they have helped make this.

It is for these reasons that we are proud to have been Captains of this High School and it is for these reasons that we leave the task of building its traditions, records and reputation to an even higher level with complete confidence that this inspiring responsibility will be fully discharged by pupils and prefects and that the school will remain "In the Ascendant".

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