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Kunama 1958

Of General Interest

As usual the beginning of the school year saw some changes in staff. Of those who left us, Mr. J. Chapple was transferred to Wollongong High School; Mr. Packett went to Mudgee High and Mrs. Packett resigned. Mr. Sinclair went to Queanbeyan High; Miss Archer to Homebush West Girls' Home Science High and Miss Pryor to Bulli High School.

Mr. D. Sheil, last year's Deputy Headmaster, was promoted to Area Secondary Inspector for Southern Area, with his headquarters at Wollongong. Mr. Sheil has always taken an active interest in the school and has aided its growth in many ways. Since his departure he has paid two official visits to the school.

To take his place we have Mr. A. W. Howarth, who came from Muswellbrook High. Other recent arrivals are Mr. G. Bradford, also from Muswellbrook, Mr. J. Lewin from Werris Creek Central School, Mr. I. Finlayson and Mr. G. Hoy from Armidale, Mr. R. Francis from Belmore Junior Tech., Miss N. Ellem from Armidale, Miss R. Fisher from Sydney and Mrs. Watham from Tumut Intermediate High.

At the end of second term Mrs. Watham was transferred to Riverside Girls' High and her place was taken by Mrs. Kobza who had previously taught in Switzerland.

Congratulations are in order for Mr. and Mrs. Morley and Mr. and Mrs. Chapple married during the Christmas holidays. Also to Mr. and Mrs. Hunt, proud parents of a baby son and Mr. and Mrs. Holdstock on the birth of their daughter.

The new building, so long regarded as a dream, has now materialised and we now have a spacious new library and art room as well as two much-needed class rooms. Also we have been promised an administrative block and a new gymnasium.

Those who were at school a couple of years ago will remember the Higginsons. Their visit lately, from America, was very welcome.

The new lockers recently installed are extremely popular, although forgetting keys seems to be the new sport.

Dr. Wyndham, Director-General of Education, visited the school in second term and addressed the pupils. He spoke that night to parents about the proposed changes in the educational system (see over).

Cooma had its first television the other week when representatives of a television firm visited the school during the Festival of the Snows.

A "Popular House" competition held recently to support the swimming pool appeal was won by Gordon House. Duxing this Festival a school team won first prize for marching in the Procession.

To all Fifth Years anxiously awaiting results we offer our sympathy and the hope that all will gain what they wish for.


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