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Kunama 1958

Monaro High School Speech Night


Angus and Robertsons Ltd.; Mr. J. B. S. Barwood;
Hemingway and Robertson Institute; Mr. T. K. Hogan;
Mr. J. P. Beavan; Mr. L. E. Price;
Anthony Horderns and Sons Ltd.; Mr. G. Frew.


Kendall House (E. Scarlett, P, Steiner, House Captains).
Public Speaking:
Senior, Karen Bein (5th Year); Junior, Gillian Brownlee (1A).


5th Year: 1st: George Demmler, Dux of the school; 2nd: Margaret Fussell.
4th Year: 1st: Nola Bond; 2nd: Fairley Lang.
3A: 1st: Helen Olliver; 2nd: Neal Benneworth.
3B: 1st: Robin Malcolm; 2nd: Fay Venables.
2A: 1st: Hilary Kingdon; 2nd: Diane Hotchkis.
1st: Patricia Reid; 2nd: Marlies Schultz.
2AC: 1st: Jynette Rose; 2nd: Noel Bottom.
2C: 1st: Reiner Kruger.
1A: 1st: Barbara Moye; 2nd: Lynette Bond.
1B: 1st: lgor Krivobokoff; 2nd: Anthony Butler.
1AC: 1st: Jean Miners and Marilyn Schafer.
1C: 1st: Brian Turner.

Most Improved Student:
Two Prizes: Jean Fleming (2AC), Bruce Pender (1AC).

Trophy for Best House Performance
in regular Wednesday afternoon sport, athletics, debating and spelling:
Gordon House - J. McAlpine, J. Andean, House Captains.

Citizenship Prize:
Boy: J. Andean (5th Year); Girl: A. Hogan (5th Year).

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