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Kunama 1958


Much interest was shown in the debating contests throughout this year. There have been many interesting inter-class debates, but the main interest was, of course, shown in the two Bega-Monaro debates in the first and second terms.

The school debating team, Fairley Lang, Martin Oldfield, David Andean, and Frank Laidler, was given much valuable assistance by Mr. Gaut. This enabled them to win both their debates against the Bega team. The first debate. in first term. was by far the hardest, the tonic being: "That press and propaganda cause most international difficulties", but our team, being the government, managed to win. Their next try, in second term, proved to he the easier topic, but a harder struggle to win. The topic was: "That scientists do more harm than good", and our team was again the government. Although the Bega team had one or two really good speakers, our team provided more solid material and more convincing arguments, and their teamwork seemed all in their favour.

The Inter-House debates have not yet been held, and everyone in the school is looking forward to them. The senior debates usually provide the most thoughtful argument but it is in the junior years that we hope to find excellent debaters for the future years.

D. Andean, M. Oldfield
F. Lang, Mr. Gaut (Coach), F. Laidler

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