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Kunama 1958

Parents and Citizens' Association

This year is the jubilee of the Parents and Citizens' Associations in New South Wales. Developing from the old School Boards of the closing decades of the nineteenth century, the newer groups prove themselves to be a flexible and important part of the present day closer co-operation between the home and the schools.

This constitutes links between two of the most important factors in the rapid development of personality that comes with the entry of most modern young people into their teens. At this time there is a quickening in the increase of ability to take advantage of experience and training.

The P. and C. Association has, with the years of this present most eventful century, become the main educational mouthpiece of any community and its source of educational funds. With these resources an alert community can make its educational wishes become realities, can help the centrally directed professional teaching staff in getting across to their students the means of preparing for effective adult lives and careers, and can avoid some of the pitfalls that inevitably accompany a highly centralized educational system.

How have we fared Monaro High School? A very young school, this - barely five years behind it rather than fifty - but quite definitely "In The Ascendant". Here, I think, the co-operation is extending beyond the adults and embracing also students. It is obvious, that the students, as well as teaching staffs, benefit from the additional facilities that an active P. and C. Association can provide. These are the extra library books, radio, sports gear, grounds improvements, and other equipment. Benefits from the interest taken by parents who play an active part in school affairs are also reaped very largely by student's from the familie's concerned.

The importance of this influence on a happy and fruitful school life for the studentis only now being appreciated at something like its true worth. But at Monaro High School there are frequent examples where the students act also on the giving end - an obvious essential for co-operation in the proper meaning of the word. The running and maintenance of some of the assets originally provided by the P. and C. have been to a great extent taken over by the students, as with the playground lawn areas, trees and shrubs, library facilities. The School Union takes over a P. and C. proposal for assisting charitable funds, and extends similar school efforts to benefit local appeals such as those for which the recent Festival of the Snows was organized. In such efforts outside the school P. and C. activity is difficult because of necessary restrictions imposed by constitutions. Beyond these examples too, we find very hearty co-operation with fund raising directly for the Association by students who give up their time to help at fetes and other activities run by their P. and C. Association.

These are worth while developments. Nothing succeeds like success, and while such movements as our P. and C. Associations can successfully help the schools they will prosper. Further more, although the Associations can hope for success in comparatively small fields, while these are effectively utilised, the schools also will prosper.

May both partners in this aspect of education go on to greater success in the second half of our twentieth century. Most of all may the objects of our endeavours, a satisfying and effective preparation for their future careers, be realized by the students in our schools of today and of the coming years.

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