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Kunama 1958


On behalf of the Headmaster, Staff and Pupils of Monaro High School we wish to thank the following for their valued assistance during the year. Their unstinting cooperation made it possible to achieve all the many things that we did in the past twelve months.

Thanks are due to:

  • The Municipal Council for use of sporting facilities;
  • Mr. J. W. Seiffert, M.L.A.;
  • Mr. A. Fraser, M.H.R.;
  • The Parents and Citizens' Association;
  • The Snowy Cricket Club for the use of a field;
  • The Cooma-Monaro Express;
  • Station 2XL;
  • Mt. and Mrs. J. Beavan for donation for the Beavan Prize;
  • Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Barwood for the Barwood prize;
  • Mr. J. Harris for his efforts in granting the Harris Scholarship;
  • Group 19 Rugby League for their assistance with the Schoolboys' Football Carnival;
  • The S.M.A. for the use of their hall and the donation of shrubs;
  • Mr. A. W. Howarth for composing the school song;
  • Cooma Little Theatre for their help in producing the school plays;
  • Mr. H. Walker, Mr. H. Malcolm and members of the orchestra for their assistance at school dances;
  • Monaro Engineering Study Group for the cup to be awarded to the best student in Mathematics and Physics at the L.C. Examination.

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