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Kunama 1958

Library Report

At last we can be really proud of our library. The well-appointed room, which was occupied for the first time in June, is being used for library purposes only. It contains an office and storeroom, as well as a modern-style charging desk, catalogue trays, more than adequate shelving, and numerous notice boards. Both pupils and librarians enjoy working in such pleasant surroundings.

Children's Book Week was marked by a display of new books to which attention was drawn by a number of attractive posters prepared by 3B girls under the direction of Miss Fisher. As a central feature, Nan Chauncy's prize-winning story Tiger in the Bush created most interest, and there has been great demand for this Australian story.

Most generous donations of new books were made during Education Week by parents and friends who visited the new Library. To them and to all who have made books and material available to the library go our grateful thanks. In particular, the gift by Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler of the two-volume "Dictionary of Australian Biography" in memory of Richard Wheeler, was much appreciated.

With the grant from the P. & C. Association last year and by means of donations, one hundred and eight non-fiction and one hundred and forty fiction books have been added to the shelves this year. The total number now on library shelves is one thousand six hundred and forty, comprising 1030 non-fiction and 610 fiction.

Amongst the new books the following have proved most popular: Man Must Measure, Puzzle of the Past, The Young Traveller series and sporting books, in the reference section; Horses, Horses, Horses and similar titles, Joan Goes Farming, Travels of a Nursery Nurse, The Eagle of the Ninth and These Old Shades in the fiction section.

To the library prefects, Hazel Fekete, Joan Andean, Anne Parkinson, Judith Parris, Christine Alexander, Gillian Brownlee, Jennifer Goodwin, Yvonne Riches, Marjorie Scott, and others who have helped behind the "bar", goes the credit for the successful running of the borrowing scheme.

D. G. THOMPSON, Librarian

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