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Kunama 1958

Staff versus Pupils

"The umpire snuffed the battle with delight." The school had challenged the staff to a game of hockey! Great excitement prevailed among the spectators, who had gathered around the battlefield. The school pupils showed great fighting spirit, but the opposition was too overpowering, and the school team was jubilant when Mr. Lewin and Mr. Thompson scored a goal, quite by accident, for the school! Finally the staff Droved too strong, bringing the score to 5 goals to 2 in their favour.

The school pupils were not going to let this happen again, as was proved in a basket ball match. The school team spent many lunch hours in training for the great day. These energies were not wasted however, and when the game was over, the score was 19 to 18 in the school's favour. While Mr. Thompson was confusing his opponent with his elusive tactics, Mr. Roberts was playing a strong defence. Mr. Finlayson used his height to great advantage in the goal circle.

Loud cheers for the school team rang out from the onlookers as the cricket match got into full swing. Great ability was displayed throughout the game. After many breath-taking moments the school team began to realise the staff's advantage of experience. At the end of the game Mr. Wilson's slide rule showed the score to be 54 to 53 in the staffs favour.

Groans issued from along the corridor as the teachers hobbled and limped into the staff-room. It was the day after the staff versus school football match. Mr. Hoy had made many spectacular runs with Mr. Gaut, and their fine teamwork gave the staff their win of 3 points to nil. Mr. Holdstock and Mr. Lewin made many low, hard tackles from which the lawn at the showground is still suffering,

With many regrets, the games against the staff have ended for the year. Such good sportsmanship has been displayed by every team, that the school is eagerly awaiting next year, so they may test their skin against the more experienced teachers.

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