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Kunama 1958

The Sportsmaster's Report

The 1958 sporting year has proved to be most successful. Interschool visits were conducted with Bega and Bombala schools. Unfortunately, the visits with Queanbeyan were cancelled this year as that school has now entered into competitions with Canberra schools. Besides interschool visits, Monaro High School pupils have been very active in town competitions in Hockeys, Men's and Women's Basketball, and also some girls' Softball games.

The school also sent three teams to the Group 19 (Monaro) Rugby League Carnival held at Goulburn and five teams participated in the local Group 19 Schoolboys' Rugby League Football Carnival

This year we have again been invited to compete in the A.C.T. Annual Athletics Carnival teams for which will be chosen after our own Ath. letics Carnival.

Earlier in the year the school conducted swimming classes. for nonswimmers and although the time was limited, the majority learnt to swim in reasonable fashion. This year we hope to see a swimming pool completed in Cooma and this will help our efforts to decrease the number of nonswimmers in the schools.

To all members of staff who coached and spent so much time with the various teams we would like to extendour appreciation. We would also like to congratulate the members of the various school teams who tried so hard and also to those who served without recognition.


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