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Kunama 1958

Bega Visit - Results of Winter Series

(At Cooma, 17th and 18th July)

Debating: The debate was held at the Snowy Recreation Hall following a welcome to the visitors by the headmaster. The topic was "That scientists do more harm than good". Monaro was the government and after a very close contest gained a win of 241 points to 239.

Athletics: Monaro gained a convincing win of 32 points to 12. Doug McGufficke and Artur Stolz broke records in the 440 yds and High Jump respectively.

100 yards: R. Chalker (M) first, D. Geddes (B) 2nd, T. Hawkins (B) 3rd. Chalker's time of 11.1 seconds was good, considering the slowness of the track.

440 yards: D. McGufficke (M) 1st, A. Stolz (M) 2nd, R. Carriage (B) 3rd.

High Jump: A. Stolz (M) 1st, B. Morton (M) 2nd, H. Solomon (B) 3rd.

Broad Jump: D. McGufficke (M) 1st F. Hickling (M) 2nd, M. Hader (M) 3rd.

Football: The football was below the usual standard seen in these matches, and Monaro could have extended its win by better blackline movements. The final scores were Monaro 14 (R. Chalker 3 tries, A. Stolz 1, D. McGregor 1 goal) to Bega 10 (D. Geddes 2 tries, A. Slater 2 goals).

Boys' Basketball: Bega fielded a better team than seen previously, and gave the extremely confident Monaro team a hard battle. Monaro finally won 29 to 23 points.

Girls.' Hockey: Monaro's team was beaten 5-2 by Bega. Good players for Monaro were Elke Psenner, Betty Feilen and Chris Bishop.

Girls' Basketball: In a fast game, Monaro, capably led by Sue Stokes, gained a victory of 23 goals to 14.


M. Oldfield, P. Mackay, D. McGufficke, R. Hassall, R. Chalker,
F. Smith, A. Bazeos, M. Silink, B. Morton, A. Stolz, M. Hader,
P. Panos, P. Langdon, T. Butler
R. Roberts (Sportsmaster), F. Laidler, F. Hickling, H. Wegner,
J. Ellis, M. Smith, F. Lang, J. Malcolm, S. Hine, S. Stokes,
R. Furner, M. Griffith, M. Scott, P. Barns, Mrs. Gaut (Sportsmistress)
Seated: E. Psenner, C. Bishop, C. Robinson, L. Bottom, B. Lawlis, J. McGufficke,
D. Croxson, C. Hogan, D. Hotchkis, M. Brown, J. Andean,
C. Harvey, J. Price, J. Turner, B. Feilen
D. Andean, P. Kirkpatrick, A. Butler, G. Caldwell, R. O'Neill,
D. McGregor, P. Moye, M. Kennedy, B. Maiden

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