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Kunama 1958

Basketball Report

The past season has been a very exciting one for the Monaro teams. The "A" team has succeeded in winning the Saturday afternoon Competition, for the first time in the School's history, and the "B" team won the "B" grade cup from the Brigidine Convent.

The "'B" grade team also did well in the Saturday afternoon competition and succeeded in reaching the semi-finals of the "B" grade, where they were unluckily beaten by the "Snowy" team, after a well fought game.

The "A" team consisting of Diane Hotchkiss, Carol Robinson, Rozlynne Ferner, Judy Ellis, Barbara Lawlis, Margaret Griffiths, and Captain Susan Stokes, suffered only two defeats, one against the Brigidine Convent in an inter-school Wednesday afternoon competition for the Abraham Cup, where they lost, and the other in the Saturday afternoon competition, where they were beaten 11-12, by the Shamrocks.

One of the many "A" basketball team's successes was the defeat of the Bega High School's team, during their visit here on one of the interschool visits between the two schools. This match was one of the best our team has played. The Bega girls were all very friendly, the game was fast and even, and it was played with great sporting spirit, the final score being 23-14, all players playing an excellent game.

After the "A' team's two defeats, they decided to get down to some good hard practice in preparation for the Grand Final of the Saturday afternoon competition, when they would have the opportunity to avenge their defeat in the Abraham Cup by the Convent, who were the other finalist team, for the Saturday competition.

The eagerly awaited Grand Final came, and both teams meant to play their best. The. game was a good, fast, and sometimes dangerous one. Our team led all the way, the score at half time being 10-8. Although they were leading, Monaro still had to keep fighting against the strong opposition During the last quarter the Monaro team was still on top and going steady, but the Brigidine started to give up and the finishing score was 15-24. The game was a well deserved victory for our girls, the best players being Margaret Griffiths, Rozlynne Ferner, and Susan Stokes.

Colleen Terry played in the "A" team in the first few games instead of Margaret and put up a good show. When Judy broke her arm Christine Hogan played excellently in her place for quite a few games till Judy was again able to play.

This year's team has done very well. We hope next year's team will do as well with the loss of Babs, Carol, Judy and Susan, who are leaving school at the end of the year.


"A" Grade Basketball

Back: D. Hotchkis, C. Robinson, J. Ellis, Mrs. Gaut (coach)
M. Griffith, S. Stokes, R. Furner, B. Lawlis

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